Arkansas Beekeepers Association

Meetings & Events

2016 Spring Meeting scheduled for Mountain Home March 11-12

The ABA's 2016 Spring meeting is now being planned. We will convene at the Ramada Inn Convention Center in Mountian Home, Arkansas on March 11-12. The North Central Arkansas Beekeepers will be assisting the ABA executive board to put this meeting together.

Membership dues may be paid at the meeting along with meeting registration fee.

Full House for 2015 Fall Meeting

The ABA hosted Dr. Tom Seeley and Dr. Tammy Horn at our 2015 Fall Conference in Mountain View. The weather was great, and we heard many engaging presentations on bees and beekeeping topics. As an unscheduled bonus, Dr. Seeley demonstrated the techniques he has developed to hunt bee trees in the wild.

The ABA appreciates the vendors who take the time to set up shop at our meetings:

Kelley Bees Dadant    

If you would like a vendor space at our next meeting, contact the ABA President.

The ABA strives to invite interesting and popular guest speakers from around the country to share their ideas and experiences on honey bees and beekeeping with you.

Our past conferences have hosted many great speakers such as David Burns, Phil Craft, Keith Delaplane, Marion Ellis, Jamie Ellis, Jeff Harris, Jerry Hayes, Tammy Horn, Charlotte Hubbard, Paul Jackson, Yong Park, Stephen Repasky, Gary Reuter, Audrey Sheridan, Tom Seeley, Landi Simone, Donald Steinkraus, Alan Szalanski, Dave Westervelt, Jon Zawislak, Yu Cheng Zhu, and others.

Don't miss a great chance to hear the latest news, updated methods, and cutting edge research in beekeeping. And of course, to meet and visit with beekeepers from all around our state and beyond!