About the ABA

Mission Statement

The Arkansas Beekeepers Association is dedicated to being the voice for beekeeping in Arkansas, and to promote beekeeping within the state. We shall provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and mutual support in the keeping of honey bees and the marketing of honey, to share our insights and passion for beekeeping to help others grow in their appreciation and enjoyment of keeping bees, to encourage all beekeepers, and to be a resource of materials, equipment and information.

Welcome to the Arkansas Beekeepers Association (ABA). The ABA is a statewide organization dedicated to bringing quality education to all of the beekeepers in Arkansas. The ABA prides itself on bringing quality and industry leading speakers to Arkansas from all over the country.

James Rhein

ABA President

Download a 4-page printable brochure on the Arkansas Beekeepers Association and the importance of honey bees in Arkansas.