About the ABA

Mission Statement

The Arkansas Beekeepers Association is dedicated to being the voice for beekeeping in Arkansas, and to promote beekeeping within the state. We shall provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and mutual support in the keeping of honey bees and the marketing of honey, to share our insights and passion for beekeeping to help others grow in their appreciation and enjoyment of keeping bees, to encourage all beekeepers, and to be a resource of materials, equipment and information.

Welcome to the Arkansas Beekeepers Association (ABA). The ABA is a statewide organization dedicated to bringing quality education to all of the beekeepers in Arkansas. We have two meetings planned for this year. The first meeting is in the spring on March 11th and 12th in Mountain Home. The spring meeting is geared toward spring management and the application of new information in the bee yard. The meeting will also be aimed at educating beginner beekeepers and increasing the honey bee population in Arkansas. Our second meeting is in the fall which will be held on November 4th and 5th in Mountain View at the Ozark Folk Center. The ABA prides itself on bringing quality and industry leading speakers to Arkansas from all over the country.

My goal as the President of the ABA is to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of honey bees and to encourage fact based effective management of hives. It is my intent to expand the population that the ABA reaches in the state by reaching out to new parts of the state and looking into expanding into larger venues. The Executive Board and I plan to find speakers that reach beekeepers of all levels and skill sets. This will be done by transitioning from the linear schedule that we currently follow to a branch schedule where there will be multiple classes at one time. This is to ensure that every member of the ABA will receive quality education, no matter how much experience they have, throughout the entirety of the conference.

The ABA is a growing organization that has had record attendance in recent years, with plenty of room to grow. With an increase in attendance and the growing interest in honey bees among the general public, we are looking for new places around the state to host the conference as well as larger venues to fit the needs of our ever growing organization. It is my goal for the ABA to reach everyone interested in beekeeping in Arkansas, whether they are just getting started in bees or they are a commercial beekeeper. We want to encourage everyone with a love of honey bees to feel welcome to join the ABA. I look forward to serving such a great organization and talking with beekeepers across the state. I value the voice and opinion of every member of the ABA. Please feel free to contact me, or your regional director, with any ideas on future locations, speaking topics, speakers, or improvements.

James Rhein

ABA President

Download a 4-page printable brochure on the Arkansas Beekeepers Association and the importance of honey bees in Arkansas.