The people have spoken! The last ABA meeting in Mountain View was a huge success. We had so many people attend that we had to move to a larger auditorium to accommodate everyone. So it was decided to hold the next fall meeting there as well. We have already reserved a date with the Ozark Folk Center, and we’ll meet there again on September 29-30, 2023. So mark your calendars and plan to return to scenic Mountain View, Arkansas next year.

The ABA strives to invite interesting and popular guest speakers from around the country to share their ideas and experiences on honey bees and beekeeping with you.

If there is a topic you are interested in, or a speaker you’d like to hear at our conferences, let your officers know!

Our past conferences have hosted many great presenter from around the state and across the country. Our past speakers include David Burns, Dewey Caron, Janet Carson, Kasey Cole, Larry Connor, Phil Craft, Keith Delaplane, Marion Ellis, Jamie Ellis, Leslie Fowler, Greg Hannaford, Ann Harmon, Jeff Harris, Allen Hays, Samantha Hewett, Billy Hummer, Jerry Hayes, Tammy Horn, Charlotte Hubbard, Paul Jackson, Hilary Kearney, Ed Levi, Coleman LittleRalph May, Yong Park, Freddy Proni, Stephen Repasky, Gary Reuter, Diana Sammataro, Leo Sharaskin, Audrey Sheridan, Tom Seeley, Landi Simone, Donald Steinkraus, Alan Szalanski, Jim Tew, Tim Tucker, Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Amy Weeks, Dave Westervelt, Jon Zawislak, Yu Cheng Zhu, and others.

Don’t miss another great chance to hear the latest news, updated methods, and cutting-edge research in beekeeping. And of course, meet and visit with beekeepers from all around our state and beyond! Mark your calendars for the next ABA conference!

Do you have suggestions for guest speakers you would like to hear? Your ABA officers would love to hear your ideas!

All of the downloadable documents on our web site are presented in PDF format. If you are unable to open or read these files, you may need to install or update the PDF reader software on your computer.