Arkansas Apiary Laws

Beekeeping is regulated by the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

Download the Application for 2019_Beeyard_Application_2-27-19.

Download the Arkansas Apiary Laws(Act 161 of 1977 as Amended by Act 149 of 1979).

While no state laws restrict beekeeping in urban areas, some municipalities may have their own regulations regarding the number or placement of bee hives. If in doubt, consult other beekeepers in your community or contact your local authorities. Other regulations imposed by the EPA and FDA regulate the use of most pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and other medications that can be used on or around animals (including honey bees). Consumers are responsible for reading and following all applicaBle directions on the labels of regulated products. THE LABEL IS THE LAW!

If you plan to transport honey bees or other equipment across state lines, you may be subject to restrictions or regulations of other states. If you have questions, you can consult beekeepers in other states, or contact that state’s department of agriculture.